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Tenpence roams around Rome! (Trip 2)

Following his trip to Alton Towers and me acquiring a new personal assistant, you wouldn’t think I would have any better news than that, but Tenpence stowed away on an even better trip.  The first reason for this was because he actually flew there – see, penguins can fly.


Tenpence is flying!

The hotel room to start with was pretty amazing – it had a big comfy bed and a bar included…





When he got there he was amazed at all the wonderful things he got to see and after seeing them all he now reckons he is a more cultured penguin than me.


View from Il Vittoriano


St Peters



Maybe he is a little bit more cultured now, but I am still the Linkin Park penguin, so he’s not perfect is he?


Tenpence’s date with Rita and a new penguin pal called Percy (Trip 1)

I have been very busy recently looking after the house and the zoo because the humans, accompanied (unknowingly in most cases) by Tenpence, have been on some travels.  I will tell you all about the big trip Tenpence stowed away on another time (Trip 2), but first Tenpence had a date with Rita.  Apparently she was a bit like Pebbles – a little loud and scary.


Tenpence wasn’t that impressed so he said he would keep looking.

In the mean time the humans found out Tenpence had accompanied them on their trip to Alton Towers (in order for him to have his date) and in due course Tenpence managed to convince lady human that it would be a good place to find me an assistant.  She said that I was becoming a little popular and agreed I could have one.  Man human was a little more difficult to convince, but when we found the right penguin for the job even he was easily convinced and my new assistant joined Tenpence on the trip home…


So let me introduce you to my new ‘penguinal assistant’ -the very wonderful Percy Alton:



Synchronized Waving for the #Teddy Olympics

So it’s #TeddyOlympics soon!  I had so much fun last year entering the categories and I am sure this year will be equally good, if not better!  In fact I am pretty sure it will be even better than last year because #TeddyOlympics is all about pals and this year I am going to submit an entry for ‘synchronized waving’ with my pals @fluffythefluffy and @SammyTheBetta

I am not sure if the organizers decided to put synchronized waving in as a category this year, but if not I am sure it will be covered by something…  Now to be perfectly honest, I think it’s fair to say Sammy and I are new to this waving malarkey and Fluffy is pretty much the expert.  Given this state of affairs you’d think that Sammy and I would be practicing even more than Fluffy, but I have been assisting the humans a lot, including in the eating of curry, and Sammy has been making a bubble nest – admittedly it’s very beautiful, but it’s not waving is it?!


Helping humans eat some curry…not waving training

bubble nest - not training

Making a bubble nest … not waving training

But, although Fluffy obviously needs a lot less training than us, it does appear that there’s been a little bit of slacking from the bunny element of the team…

fluffy slacking

Unless that’s a new cookie wave we don’t know about…that is not training either!

However, what we lose from lack of training we make up with pure talent so – (in fact with plenty of sweat involved) – watch this space at the #TeddyOlympics for the bunny, fish and penguin : Synchronized Waving Extraordinary Acrobatic Team!


Perkty Perfection – Thank You Pals!

Thank you to everyone who made #perkty such a wonderful occasion last night.  As you probably already know I was late to my own party cos humans had to go to a BBQ and I wasn’t allowed to the party without a chaperone.  But as Bear Bill said, I was allowed to be late to my own party because I’m a true celebrity.  I have now forgiven the humans because there was a pinata at the BBQ and that begins with the letter P.

Particular thanks go to Olly Ted for keeping the music going all night long and in true perkty spirit everything began with P or was by Linkin Park – well done Olly.  And your costume was pretty pawesome too, so I am more than happy to grant you honourary penguin status!

olly penguin


There were some other great costumes too as Tabitha came as a princess, Reddy came as a pirate and Pink Ted dressed as a pumpkin (although being pink she didn’t really need a costume).


Great costumes from Tabitha, Reddy and Pink Ted

Dr Red also had a pretty cool costume, but I am not sure he thought it through cos we all kept mistaking him for the real pizza!

red pizza

om nom nom!

Other food was available, like German Pinkel sausages from Toddy and lovely peas from Jeremy bear (I like peas you know ;-D).  Growler bought some penguins and Reddy added some pretty spectacular cheese – pina colada flavour!


Plenty of food to go round from Toddy, Jeremy, Growler and Reddy

His human also joined in the #perkty as they seemed to be eating his prawn and pesto pasta.

prawn and pesto pasta

Prawn and pesto pasta – YUM!

Other pals that came, but not mentioned so far include Sunny Bunny, Spencer Teddy, Crispy T Dog, Chalkybear and Cuddles, and Teddy M. Bear – if I have forgotten anyone else let me know and I will add you to my list.  For being such great guests you get a prize!

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Perky’s Party (#Perkty)

  • So I’ve decided I am going to have a penguin party because I think it’s time I did some hosting and YOU are all invited.
  • So I hope you can all join me @perky_penguin on twitter on Sunday 19th May – 7pm (UK), for a party penguin style!
  • But there is a catch – you have to bring something/come something beginning with the letter P! And to be sure you can be admitted entry make sure you use the #perkty hashtag (i.e. short for Perky’s Party).
  • Note: the music we party to must also begin with the letter P (e.g. Parklife by Blur, or anything by Pink), but there is of course an exceptions (anything by Linkin Park, Dead by Sunrise or Fort Minor is acceptable ;-D)
  • In case you haven’t got any ideas here are what some of my pals at home are bringing/coming as:
Tootsie is coming with his pillow

Tootsie is coming with his pillow

Tenpence is bringing a penny

Tenpence is bringing a penny

Pebbles is bringing a pebble

Pebbles is bringing a pebble

Pete is bringing a pea

Pete is bringing a pea

Whilst Minty is bringing a different kind of Pea

Whilst Minty is bringing a different kind of Pea

And finally Tatty bear is coming as a penguin (original!)

And finally Tatty bear is coming as a penguin (original!)

So get your pink and purple glad rags on and come and have a penguin party with Perky and his pals!


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Tenpence saw some brum brums (at Beaulieu)

What with supervising lady human I haven’t been able to tell you all about the latest trip Tenpence took with the humans (i.e. as usual he stowed away; this time in lady’s bag, and he prevented hunger by eating the Haribo he found there).

When Tenpence goes on these trips he doesn’t usually know where he’s going and being stuck in the bag for the whole journey he had no idea where he was going this time.  When he got there he found lots of cars, but then he realised it was the car park.  However, even when he got into the attraction there were still lots of cars, which confused him a bit, but then he realised that it was the motor museum in Beaulieu.

There were some really good exhibits and lots of cars from TV and film, like Top Gear, James Bond and Mr Bean, where Tenpence spotted a Teddy to befriend.


Top Gear ‘Nissank’


Car from the James Bond exhibit (can you tell I’m not a fan?!)


Flying car from Harry Potter

TP Bean

Tenpence’s new friend

I asked him what his favourite part of the day was, and given there were lots of telly cars like the ones above I thought he’d choose one of them, but no. In Beaulieu Tenpence was interested in fire and things that go bang! (Shouldn’t be surprised really).



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The Adventures of Ellie and Edmond


We’re celebrating World Penguin Day with some fun facts and picture about the fabulous flightless birds! We’re wearing our orange tufts to look like Macaroni Penguins, our favorites!

e e macaroni hair

  • There are 18 species of penguins in the world.
  • All penguins live in the Southern Hemisphere.
  • Only 8 species of penguins actually live in cold climates.

penguin8   penguin7






  • The Emperor Penguin is the largest species.
  • The Fairy Penguin is the smallest species.
  • Penguins live in colonies.
  • Penguins are marine birds. They spend 75% of their life at sea.

penguin6    penguin2





  • Penguins have up to 70 feathers per square inch.
  • Penguins have excellent hearing.
  • Emperor Penguins can stay under water for up to 15 minutes.

penguin3   penguin4





  • Fossilized penguins have been found that are 58 million years old.
  • Penguins do not have teeth. They have barbs on their tongue and…

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The Tunnel Challenge

The Middlest Sister

I challenge you to hold your breath to the end of this post.






















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Tenpence didn’t go to Legoland

The humans went to Legoland recently and guess where Tenpence was?

silly penguin

silly penguin

So this isn’t actually a post about Tenpence, but one about the humans.  They tell me that there were a distinct lack of penguins, which is disappointing, but this monkey was cute.

small monkey


Whilst they were there they somehow managed to travel the world…

legoland pics

And intergalactic Star Wars space…


If that wasn’t enough they travelled back in time to meet the Egyptians and the dinosaurs!


But there were no penguins, so not sure what the point was penguinally?!

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The 7 (no make that 8) Wonders of Linkin Park

Compiled with help from @naenaenuss and in no particular order (as some of you may want to order them differently – like putting me first for example ;-)) here is the list of the wonders of Linkin Park that we randomly put together just for fun on twitter (as you do):

1. Chester’s voice

2. Mike’s mad awesome collaborative talent

3. Dave’s fierceness on the bass

4. Rob’s amazing talent on the drums

5.  Brad’s socks

6.  Joe’s art

7.  Their humanitarian efforts

8.  The Linkin Park Penguin

However, during the compilation of the list we agreed that Linkin Park have so much awesomeness that creating a list like this is very difficult indeed.  For example, Brad and Joe are equally brilliant in their roles in the band; it’s just that the things above got mentioned first.  Consequently, the list is essentially meaningless – although all talent mentioned here still stands, there’s just far more that can and should be added!

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