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Tenpence roams around Rome! (Trip 2)

Following his trip to Alton Towers and me acquiring a new personal assistant, you wouldn’t think I would have any better news than that, but Tenpence stowed away on an even better trip.  The first reason for this was because he actually flew there – see, penguins can fly.


Tenpence is flying!

The hotel room to start with was pretty amazing – it had a big comfy bed and a bar included…





When he got there he was amazed at all the wonderful things he got to see and after seeing them all he now reckons he is a more cultured penguin than me.


View from Il Vittoriano


St Peters



Maybe he is a little bit more cultured now, but I am still the Linkin Park penguin, so he’s not perfect is he?


Tenpence’s date with Rita and a new penguin pal called Percy (Trip 1)

I have been very busy recently looking after the house and the zoo because the humans, accompanied (unknowingly in most cases) by Tenpence, have been on some travels.  I will tell you all about the big trip Tenpence stowed away on another time (Trip 2), but first Tenpence had a date with Rita.  Apparently she was a bit like Pebbles – a little loud and scary.


Tenpence wasn’t that impressed so he said he would keep looking.

In the mean time the humans found out Tenpence had accompanied them on their trip to Alton Towers (in order for him to have his date) and in due course Tenpence managed to convince lady human that it would be a good place to find me an assistant.  She said that I was becoming a little popular and agreed I could have one.  Man human was a little more difficult to convince, but when we found the right penguin for the job even he was easily convinced and my new assistant joined Tenpence on the trip home…


So let me introduce you to my new ‘penguinal assistant’ -the very wonderful Percy Alton:



Tenpence saw some brum brums (at Beaulieu)

What with supervising lady human I haven’t been able to tell you all about the latest trip Tenpence took with the humans (i.e. as usual he stowed away; this time in lady’s bag, and he prevented hunger by eating the Haribo he found there).

When Tenpence goes on these trips he doesn’t usually know where he’s going and being stuck in the bag for the whole journey he had no idea where he was going this time.  When he got there he found lots of cars, but then he realised it was the car park.  However, even when he got into the attraction there were still lots of cars, which confused him a bit, but then he realised that it was the motor museum in Beaulieu.

There were some really good exhibits and lots of cars from TV and film, like Top Gear, James Bond and Mr Bean, where Tenpence spotted a Teddy to befriend.


Top Gear ‘Nissank’


Car from the James Bond exhibit (can you tell I’m not a fan?!)


Flying car from Harry Potter

TP Bean

Tenpence’s new friend

I asked him what his favourite part of the day was, and given there were lots of telly cars like the ones above I thought he’d choose one of them, but no. In Beaulieu Tenpence was interested in fire and things that go bang! (Shouldn’t be surprised really).



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Tenpence didn’t go to Legoland

The humans went to Legoland recently and guess where Tenpence was?

silly penguin

silly penguin

So this isn’t actually a post about Tenpence, but one about the humans.  They tell me that there were a distinct lack of penguins, which is disappointing, but this monkey was cute.

small monkey


Whilst they were there they somehow managed to travel the world…

legoland pics

And intergalactic Star Wars space…


If that wasn’t enough they travelled back in time to meet the Egyptians and the dinosaurs!


But there were no penguins, so not sure what the point was penguinally?!

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Tenpence Takes Another Trip

I decided that, as I was doing such a rubbish job at blogging recently, I would let Tenpence show you his pics of a recent trip he took.  Well I say ‘took’ – as usual he stowed away in the human’s pocket, but apparently they didn’t notice as they were having such a lovely time themselves.

First he went to see some hay, but there doesn’t appear to be much hay there in my opinion – lots of books and bookshops though.  And apparently Tenpence is in this picture somewhere – can you spot him?

Can you spot Tenpence?

Can you spot Tenpence?

He was pretty pleased with the hotel that the humans had chosen to stay in .  They had a lovely meal in the restaurant, but they didn’t have any pockets for him to hide in then, so he had to stay in the hotel room and make do with cookies.  Whilst there he enjoyed the view and had fun playing in the windows.



And he certainly made the most of the peace and quiet whilst the humans weren’t there…


Apparently the humans are off to Legoland soon – bet he’ll stowaway on that trip too – I must admit, that does sound fun!

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TenPence In Da Snow

I prefer to stay indoors....

I prefer to stay indoors….

But Tenpence is a very different type of penguin!

But Tenpence is a very different type of penguin!

At one point he got a little bit stuck

At one point he got a little bit stuck

But he did have lots of fun

But he did have lots of fun

And was ready just in case someone picked on him!

And was ready just in case someone picked on him!

Now he's drying off in the warm :D

Now he’s drying off in the warm 😀

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Tenpence Travels to Torquay

He was only here a couple of days before he went off travelling again.  I told you he was an explorer didn’t I?!

On Monday Tenpence went to the zoo

Tenpence saw a tortoise

And a monkey

Then he stopped for lunch, but had to be careful he wasn’t lunch for the peacock

Then he spotted an Efelant

And went to see the giraffes

Plus he posed with the tigers, but not the real ones cos that would just be silly!

Then it was time for some sleepies – Tenpence had a wonderful view from the hotel.

Then came the second day, which was pretty spectacular.  However, he had to be careful cos he didn’t want to get mixed up with the regular residents and get left behind…


More Penguins!

Including real penguins

That lady human got to feed!

And they did peck lots!

But it wasn’t the penguins that he was worried about……



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