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‘Perkinson’: When a Penguin Meets a Monkey

Following my appropriation of a bow tie from a man human, I was able to produce another video for your enjoyment (although I don’t think it was as good as the last one!).  For those of you reading this who are not from the UK and/or are not specialists in British chat shows, all you need to know is that ‘Perkinson’ derives from my respect for the great chat show host Michael Parkinson (and his chat show Parkinson).  Oh, and just to remind you Dave is a pal of mine, and he is a monkey.

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Perky Stunt Penguin

Not sure why films take so long and so much money to make? I made my first one today and it was fairly easy.  So as promised here is my little trick for my twitter followers.  And you know the saying ‘don’t try this at home’ – well penguins don’t try this in the wild or elsewhere.  It takes a lot of practice, so leave it to your pal Perky.


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