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Tenpence Takes Another Trip

I decided that, as I was doing such a rubbish job at blogging recently, I would let Tenpence show you his pics of a recent trip he took.  Well I say ‘took’ – as usual he stowed away in the human’s pocket, but apparently they didn’t notice as they were having such a lovely time themselves.

First he went to see some hay, but there doesn’t appear to be much hay there in my opinion – lots of books and bookshops though.  And apparently Tenpence is in this picture somewhere – can you spot him?

Can you spot Tenpence?

Can you spot Tenpence?

He was pretty pleased with the hotel that the humans had chosen to stay in .  They had a lovely meal in the restaurant, but they didn’t have any pockets for him to hide in then, so he had to stay in the hotel room and make do with cookies.  Whilst there he enjoyed the view and had fun playing in the windows.



And he certainly made the most of the peace and quiet whilst the humans weren’t there…


Apparently the humans are off to Legoland soon – bet he’ll stowaway on that trip too – I must admit, that does sound fun!

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Good Lucky Elephant No. 9

No it’s not the name of a new perfume, but my new efelant pal – ‘Lucky’ for short.


Man human has always said ‘no more penguins’, but it appears efelants are acceptable as he brought Lucky home to give Lady human extra support for her big day tomorrow. Number 9 is her lucky number so clearly this is where Lucky belongs.


However, they have mentioned something in the past about ‘eating the efelant’, so I was a bit concerned for him…But they seem to be treating him well so far so I don’t think it’s literal.  Lady was planning to wear he efelant socks tomorrow so there must be something very significant to it…(personally I think it should be penguin socks).

But I am glad he came today as I was struggling a bit with her – Lucky has helped so much! And we’ve been so good we’ve been rewarded with lots of treats!


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TenPence In Da Snow

I prefer to stay indoors....

I prefer to stay indoors….

But Tenpence is a very different type of penguin!

But Tenpence is a very different type of penguin!

At one point he got a little bit stuck

At one point he got a little bit stuck

But he did have lots of fun

But he did have lots of fun

And was ready just in case someone picked on him!

And was ready just in case someone picked on him!

Now he's drying off in the warm :D

Now he’s drying off in the warm 😀

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Cuddlies’ Song

I had an epiphany last night – R.S. Thomas wasn’t writing about Children at all, he was writing about us bears/cuddlies!

‘Children’s’ Song by R.S. Thomas

We live in our own world,
A world that is too small
For you to stoop and enter
Even on hands and knees,
The adult subterfuge.
And though you probe and pry
With analytic eye,
And eavesdrop all our talk
With an amused look,
You cannot find the centre
Where we dance, where we play,
Where life is still asleep
Under the closed flower,
Under the smooth shell
Of eggs in the cupped nest
That mock the faded blue
Of your remoter heaven.

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Twime for My Bling

First of all I must apologise for not blogging as often as I did when I first started.  It’s cos I have other equally cool stuff to be doing and I get easily distracted by my Tumblr blog because there are so many cool pics of penguins and Linkin Park (understandable; I am sure you’ll agree).

Also, I am not sure what to write about – guess I have so much fun doing the actual stuff I forget to tell you all about it in detail and stick to the odd tweet and pic before I move on to the next thing.  But even though he is equally as busy as me, my pal Reddy did manage to find the twime (my new word for twitter time) to suggest I tell you all about my bling.  Good as topic as any I suppose.

So basically I have decided that a piece of jewellery the lady human got for Christmas looks much better on me.  (It came in an actual penguin case too, but I have been assured that it wasn’t made from a real penguin).  I think it makes me look gangsta.  I tried rapping once and that didn’t work out too good, so maybe this will help with my credibility?  (Man human says it makes me look happy, which isn’t the exact image I was going for in this instance and it is a kind of a given (as I am Perky Penguin), but part of me is thinking he meant something else by it?).  Anyway, I am quite attached to it now, but if the lady human leaves enough cayks in the kitchen I suppose I will let her borrow it when she wants it.

My Bling

Penguin Bling

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Christmas has come early – My LPU12 package has arrived!

When I first signed up for the LPU12, I read that the package would probably arrive in January, so I didn’t hold much hope out for getting it before Christmas.  There was a glimmer of hope when I started reading that people had received their packages, but with an international delivery you never know and it was particularly unlikely given that the world may have ended yesterday.  So I was very excited when the postie knocked on our door a couple of hours ago and I noticed that the parcel had a customs label on it! At first I thought the man human had immediately stolen it to wrap up for the lady human for Christmas (she likes Linkin Park too).  So I squawked and squealed until I got it back.


However, after I told him off he assured me it was all in my imagination and that he didn’t even touch it. (Which is actually true because I just happened to rest it on her present parcels, but I’m not telling him that!).  And he also had a point when he suggested that as it’s lady human I should probably be generous and share it with her anyway.  And I probably will, especially as the T-Shirt doesn’t come in a penguin size.


In fact it may be a bit big for her too, but she can lounge around in it whilst we rock to Linkin Park over the Christmas holidays.  Maybe I will ask her for some ideas to help in my Linkin Park Penguin quest, as I’m not doing a brilliant job at the moment.  However, one of my twitter friends asked Santa to make me the official Linkin Park Penguin, which was awesome so maybe if I’ve been a good penguin then it will happen for me in 2013.

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My Letter to Santa

santa letter

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What a stitch up!

This isn’t really a pastime, but it was quite an event.  I had to have stitches because I had a little hole in my chest and my stuffing had begun to fall out.  This worried lady human a lot as she had noticed that I am getting squished as I get older anyway.  So she thought if I had a stitches operation then she could add some more stuffing.  It was quite a tiny hole mind you to start with so you might not even be able to notice:

before op

The operation itself was quite short.  But getting new stuffing in was quite difficult as it was very staticy so the humans gave up and just stitched me instead.


I think they did quite a good job:

after op

And my twitter pals have been very supportive too – I got lots of cayks!

cayks from boo boo

cayk from Reddy

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Linkin Park Penguin Photo Shoots

Courtesy of the now official Linkin Park Penguin photographer (aka. @Doctorredbear), here’s some photo shoots I’ve got to prove I’m the penguin for the job!

Perky’s Linkin Park Photo Shoot (by Dr. Red)

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(Linkin Park) Dreams – Can they come true?

I’ve had a few dreams about Linkin Park.  There was Mike and Chester ballroom dancing in between songs during a live set and not long after I dreamed that Linkin Park made it big because they won a talent contest.

Lady human has had a couple too (she remembers because she wrote them down).  The first was  an Olympic Games Linkin Park mash.  She was attending this summit sort of thing and asked to sit with a group of people she didn’t know.  They slowly moved their chairs to the front, Chester started answering questions then he went to sit by them.  He had his nails painted Olympic style, including the American flag on one hand.  She asked for a photo for lady human’s mum cos she likes painted nails (it’s a human thing apparently).   On her way home she got caught up in a synchronised bike ride type thing as part of the Olympic closing ceremony.   She made it home to find the photos had disappeared, but others were on the camera that she couldn’t remember taking.  She says she can’t remember anything else, maybe ‘because I woke up’ (yeah that would probably be why…)

Her next Linkin Park dream was apparently more normal as she went to a concert and Chester sang a My Chemical Romance song (although it sounded like MCR rather than Chester Bennington).   She thinks the Olympics may have still been on her mind as people couldn’t stand in front of the stage as there was a long runway (a bit like the way the athletes were held during the closing ceremony).  But it then turned into a bar and there were stools to sit on.   It wasn’t as busy as one would expect for a Linkin Park show –  more like a pub…now turning up at your local to find Chester B and Mike S there doing a duet would be something  wouldn’t it?!

And she had another Linkin Park dream last night – it wasn’t just any dream though – I, Perky the Linkin Park Penguin was in it!

She went to another concert in a small hall with man human.  People were queuing to get things signed at the front as the band came on to do a sound check*.  Lady didn’t really have anything, so man sent her down with the ticket.  And as she was queuing guess who was on the stage?…ME!  All the people around her knew about me, so lady took some kudos from that.  But then she got worried about how dirty I was on the stage.  ‘Luckily’ (I’m sure I’d have preferred to stay on the stage) someone directed me back to her.  How cool is that?

okay – so I wasn’t on the stage at the same time as Linkin Park in her dream, but this is for illustrative purposes

I said to lady human wouldn’t it be cool if Linkin Park dreams could come true? Then she said, yes but you wouldn’t be able to go to a concert Perky because you don’t actually like travelling anywhere – you might get lost or damaged.  She has a point, so I thought about getting posted, but that’s probably worse, so I’m going to have to think of another more feasible plan for my Linkin Park Project.

* (Apparently it was a bad sound check and then Katie Melua appeared afterwards :S – it’s a dream remember, and a human dream at that – penguins dream of fish)

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