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Perkty Perfection – Thank You Pals!

on May 20, 2013

Thank you to everyone who made #perkty such a wonderful occasion last night.  As you probably already know I was late to my own party cos humans had to go to a BBQ and I wasn’t allowed to the party without a chaperone.  But as Bear Bill said, I was allowed to be late to my own party because I’m a true celebrity.  I have now forgiven the humans because there was a pinata at the BBQ and that begins with the letter P.

Particular thanks go to Olly Ted for keeping the music going all night long and in true perkty spirit everything began with P or was by Linkin Park – well done Olly.  And your costume was pretty pawesome too, so I am more than happy to grant you honourary penguin status!

olly penguin


There were some other great costumes too as Tabitha came as a princess, Reddy came as a pirate and Pink Ted dressed as a pumpkin (although being pink she didn’t really need a costume).


Great costumes from Tabitha, Reddy and Pink Ted

Dr Red also had a pretty cool costume, but I am not sure he thought it through cos we all kept mistaking him for the real pizza!

red pizza

om nom nom!

Other food was available, like German Pinkel sausages from Toddy and lovely peas from Jeremy bear (I like peas you know ;-D).  Growler bought some penguins and Reddy added some pretty spectacular cheese – pina colada flavour!


Plenty of food to go round from Toddy, Jeremy, Growler and Reddy

His human also joined in the #perkty as they seemed to be eating his prawn and pesto pasta.

prawn and pesto pasta

Prawn and pesto pasta – YUM!

Other pals that came, but not mentioned so far include Sunny Bunny, Spencer Teddy, Crispy T Dog, Chalkybear and Cuddles, and Teddy M. Bear – if I have forgotten anyone else let me know and I will add you to my list.  For being such great guests you get a prize!


One response to “Perkty Perfection – Thank You Pals!

  1. Chalky & Cuddles says:

    Thank you for mentioning us Perky! we think you’re wonderful xxxxxx

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