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Synchronized Waving for the #Teddy Olympics

on June 12, 2013

So it’s #TeddyOlympics soon!  I had so much fun last year entering the categories and I am sure this year will be equally good, if not better!  In fact I am pretty sure it will be even better than last year because #TeddyOlympics is all about pals and this year I am going to submit an entry for ‘synchronized waving’ with my pals @fluffythefluffy and @SammyTheBetta

I am not sure if the organizers decided to put synchronized waving in as a category this year, but if not I am sure it will be covered by something…  Now to be perfectly honest, I think it’s fair to say Sammy and I are new to this waving malarkey and Fluffy is pretty much the expert.  Given this state of affairs you’d think that Sammy and I would be practicing even more than Fluffy, but I have been assisting the humans a lot, including in the eating of curry, and Sammy has been making a bubble nest – admittedly it’s very beautiful, but it’s not waving is it?!


Helping humans eat some curry…not waving training

bubble nest - not training

Making a bubble nest … not waving training

But, although Fluffy obviously needs a lot less training than us, it does appear that there’s been a little bit of slacking from the bunny element of the team…

fluffy slacking

Unless that’s a new cookie wave we don’t know about…that is not training either!

However, what we lose from lack of training we make up with pure talent so – (in fact with plenty of sweat involved) – watch this space at the #TeddyOlympics for the bunny, fish and penguin : Synchronized Waving Extraordinary Acrobatic Team!


2 responses to “Synchronized Waving for the #Teddy Olympics

  1. IcyPinkLemonade says:

    Oh boy! I can’t wait to see it! Fluffy looks like she’s having some booze with her cookie waving training! 😉

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