Perky & Friends

The place for random penguin musings and the home of the Linkin Park Penguin

About perky & friends

  ‘It’s practically impossible to look at a penguin and feel angry’

                                                                                            – Joe Moore.

I’ve started this blog as a way to share my random musings and stories that hopefully will make readers smile: that’s something penguins are good at making people do.  Not long after I started blogging I decided that I would offer my services as the Linkin Park Penguin, and you’ll find information about that on this blog too – although at the moment I am in no way affiliated to Linkin Park :(.

In time I hope to introduce you to the cuddly friends that I live with and if they are good they may also get  the chance to write a post or two. I can’t promise you what I’ll be blogging about, but I hope that it will appeal to many people who just want 5 minutes of downtime to themselves.  As I overheard in a recent conversation about humans who choose to blog and as I hope you all agree:

‘I think that people would much rather listen to a cuddly penguin than a human’


One response to “About perky & friends

  1. i love your penguin… wish i had a penguin like that 😛

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