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The 7 (no make that 8) Wonders of Linkin Park

on March 26, 2013

Compiled with help from @naenaenuss and in no particular order (as some of you may want to order them differently – like putting me first for example ;-)) here is the list of the wonders of Linkin Park that we randomly put together just for fun on twitter (as you do):

1. Chester’s voice

2. Mike’s mad awesome collaborative talent

3. Dave’s fierceness on the bass

4. Rob’s amazing talent on the drums

5.  Brad’s socks

6.  Joe’s art

7.  Their humanitarian efforts

8.  The Linkin Park Penguin

However, during the compilation of the list we agreed that Linkin Park have so much awesomeness that creating a list like this is very difficult indeed.  For example, Brad and Joe are equally brilliant in their roles in the band; it’s just that the things above got mentioned first.  Consequently, the list is essentially meaningless – although all talent mentioned here still stands, there’s just far more that can and should be added!


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