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Tenpence Takes Another Trip

on March 20, 2013

I decided that, as I was doing such a rubbish job at blogging recently, I would let Tenpence show you his pics of a recent trip he took.  Well I say ‘took’ – as usual he stowed away in the human’s pocket, but apparently they didn’t notice as they were having such a lovely time themselves.

First he went to see some hay, but there doesn’t appear to be much hay there in my opinion – lots of books and bookshops though.  And apparently Tenpence is in this picture somewhere – can you spot him?

Can you spot Tenpence?

Can you spot Tenpence?

He was pretty pleased with the hotel that the humans had chosen to stay in .  They had a lovely meal in the restaurant, but they didn’t have any pockets for him to hide in then, so he had to stay in the hotel room and make do with cookies.  Whilst there he enjoyed the view and had fun playing in the windows.



And he certainly made the most of the peace and quiet whilst the humans weren’t there…


Apparently the humans are off to Legoland soon – bet he’ll stowaway on that trip too – I must admit, that does sound fun!


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