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Good Lucky Elephant No. 9

on January 22, 2013

No it’s not the name of a new perfume, but my new efelant pal – ‘Lucky’ for short.


Man human has always said ‘no more penguins’, but it appears efelants are acceptable as he brought Lucky home to give Lady human extra support for her big day tomorrow. Number 9 is her lucky number so clearly this is where Lucky belongs.


However, they have mentioned something in the past about ‘eating the efelant’, so I was a bit concerned for him…But they seem to be treating him well so far so I don’t think it’s literal.  Lady was planning to wear he efelant socks tomorrow so there must be something very significant to it…(personally I think it should be penguin socks).

But I am glad he came today as I was struggling a bit with her – Lucky has helped so much! And we’ve been so good we’ve been rewarded with lots of treats!



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