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Twime for My Bling

on January 12, 2013

First of all I must apologise for not blogging as often as I did when I first started.  It’s cos I have other equally cool stuff to be doing and I get easily distracted by my Tumblr blog because there are so many cool pics of penguins and Linkin Park (understandable; I am sure you’ll agree).

Also, I am not sure what to write about – guess I have so much fun doing the actual stuff I forget to tell you all about it in detail and stick to the odd tweet and pic before I move on to the next thing.  But even though he is equally as busy as me, my pal Reddy did manage to find the twime (my new word for twitter time) to suggest I tell you all about my bling.  Good as topic as any I suppose.

So basically I have decided that a piece of jewellery the lady human got for Christmas looks much better on me.  (It came in an actual penguin case too, but I have been assured that it wasn’t made from a real penguin).  I think it makes me look gangsta.  I tried rapping once and that didn’t work out too good, so maybe this will help with my credibility?  (Man human says it makes me look happy, which isn’t the exact image I was going for in this instance and it is a kind of a given (as I am Perky Penguin), but part of me is thinking he meant something else by it?).  Anyway, I am quite attached to it now, but if the lady human leaves enough cayks in the kitchen I suppose I will let her borrow it when she wants it.

My Bling

Penguin Bling


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