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Christmas has come early – My LPU12 package has arrived!

on December 22, 2012

When I first signed up for the LPU12, I read that the package would probably arrive in January, so I didn’t hold much hope out for getting it before Christmas.  There was a glimmer of hope when I started reading that people had received their packages, but with an international delivery you never know and it was particularly unlikely given that the world may have ended yesterday.  So I was very excited when the postie knocked on our door a couple of hours ago and I noticed that the parcel had a customs label on it! At first I thought the man human had immediately stolen it to wrap up for the lady human for Christmas (she likes Linkin Park too).  So I squawked and squealed until I got it back.


However, after I told him off he assured me it was all in my imagination and that he didn’t even touch it. (Which is actually true because I just happened to rest it on her present parcels, but I’m not telling him that!).  And he also had a point when he suggested that as it’s lady human I should probably be generous and share it with her anyway.  And I probably will, especially as the T-Shirt doesn’t come in a penguin size.


In fact it may be a bit big for her too, but she can lounge around in it whilst we rock to Linkin Park over the Christmas holidays.  Maybe I will ask her for some ideas to help in my Linkin Park Penguin quest, as I’m not doing a brilliant job at the moment.  However, one of my twitter friends asked Santa to make me the official Linkin Park Penguin, which was awesome so maybe if I’ve been a good penguin then it will happen for me in 2013.


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