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What a stitch up!

on November 29, 2012

This isn’t really a pastime, but it was quite an event.  I had to have stitches because I had a little hole in my chest and my stuffing had begun to fall out.  This worried lady human a lot as she had noticed that I am getting squished as I get older anyway.  So she thought if I had a stitches operation then she could add some more stuffing.  It was quite a tiny hole mind you to start with so you might not even be able to notice:

before op

The operation itself was quite short.  But getting new stuffing in was quite difficult as it was very staticy so the humans gave up and just stitched me instead.


I think they did quite a good job:

after op

And my twitter pals have been very supportive too – I got lots of cayks!

cayks from boo boo

cayk from Reddy


One response to “What a stitch up!

  1. You poor thing – glad you are feeling much better:)

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