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November Rain

on November 1, 2012

We didn’t really get much of a summer here in the UK, but winter is definitely coming and as usual it’s raining and it gets dark early now the clocks have gone back.  However, it means that Christmas won’t be long 😀 And that’s when the Christmas penguins come to visit.

Christmas Penguins

But that’s in December and we have to get through November first.

I’ve been keeping myself busy editing my PhD paperwork and supporting lady human with hers – the deadline is the end of November so this is a very important month. As November is quite a big deal this year I particularly enjoyed the last day of October, which is Halloween.  I dressed up as Count Perkula in the end.

Count Perkula

We didn’t get many trick or treaters, but that’s ok because that means there are more sweets left for me! I also kept myself busy last night by participating in my first ever LPU chat with Adam.  It passed the time and got me thinking I really need to do something new for my Linkin Park Penguin campaign…

‘Hercule Perky’


Finally I have started to participate in Movember.  This is my current mustache, but not sure about the style so I might experiment as the month goes on.


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