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Tenpence Travels to Torquay

on October 1, 2012

He was only here a couple of days before he went off travelling again.  I told you he was an explorer didn’t I?!

On Monday Tenpence went to the zoo

Tenpence saw a tortoise

And a monkey

Then he stopped for lunch, but had to be careful he wasn’t lunch for the peacock

Then he spotted an Efelant

And went to see the giraffes

Plus he posed with the tigers, but not the real ones cos that would just be silly!

Then it was time for some sleepies – Tenpence had a wonderful view from the hotel.

Then came the second day, which was pretty spectacular.  However, he had to be careful cos he didn’t want to get mixed up with the regular residents and get left behind…


More Penguins!

Including real penguins

That lady human got to feed!

And they did peck lots!

But it wasn’t the penguins that he was worried about……



3 responses to “Tenpence Travels to Torquay

  1. gatsie says:

    Awww, the cutest ever! Hooray for penguins XD How’s your mission coming along, btw – to become an LP mascotte?

    I’ve got a question, a bit off topic here. My pink elephant and I made a remix of Lost In The Echo. We need votes. Would you vote for us?

    • Perky says:

      I don’t have fb sorry but happy to vote if there’s another way?! As for the LP Penguin quest it’s ticking along – need to get noticed by the band now though I think – Mike’s wife replied to me once on twitter about gardening, but not sure that counts? 😀

      • gatsie says:

        Awww 😦 I honestly don’t know… I think twitter votes count too? Hmmm oh well 🙂

        Mike’s wife replied to you about gardening? That does count! A pengiun in the garden cannot be missed 😛

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