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My PhD – A Penguin Happines Device (in Human(itie)s)

on September 23, 2012

Today I was going to post my dual film review with Dr Red, but the Care Bears haven’t arrived for him yet so that will have to wait.  But I wanted to blog about something and thought today is as good as any to tell you what my ‘PhD’ is all about.

Now, it just so happens that lady human has been doing a PhD too, but a penguin one is slightly different.  It stands for Penguin Happiness Device.  And it appears it’s a little bit easier than a human PhD (I really can’t see what the lady human has been stressing about in the last four years!).   My PhD has been relatively straight forward because it basically involves being a penguin and making people smile, which is an innate ability of mine.

Now if you’re a human that works in higher education research you may have heard of this thing called ‘impact’ (i.e. how much impact does your research have) and really my foray into social networking and blogging etc has related to that.  At the beginning of my PhD I kept my penguin happiness to myself, but then in the later stages I started to share my happiness and put my work into practice.  Since then, especially on Twitter, I have met lots of wonderful people and cuddlies who understand and benefit in my penguin happiness and if that isn’t ‘impact’ I don’t know what is.

This also includes supporting lady human in her PhD, and I am very proud to say that she is getting very close having just sent off her final draft.  She has worked very hard, but I honestly think it was my Perkiness that really got her through.  I’m nearly done with my paperwork too, so I will keep you informed of how it goes.


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