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Lady’s Linkin Park Scrapbook

on September 2, 2012

My lady human and I often do a bit of crafting together and yesterday over a nice cup of tea we were talking about potential new projects.  And we decided upon the Linkin Park Scrapbook .

Lady has always enjoyed paper crafts and kept notebooks and such things with favourite quotes and ideas.  Last year she made her first proper scrapbook in an old children’s poetry book featuring a collection of her favourite quotes and memories of days out etc.  I helped her produce it, especially the penguins spread, so I was quite excited about this new one.

penguin pages from lady’s first scrapbook

I love Linkin Park and as the Linkin Park Penguin I thought I’d be very helpful.

But she said no.

She said I was far too busy and had too much to do already: what with the Linkin Park Penguin project, going to my twitter clubs, reading all my penguin books, finalising my Penguin Happiness Device, and not to mention the stunt penguin movies. (‘Talking of which’ she said ‘when are you doing your next one? You went to all that trouble setting up your You Tube production and practicing some stunts and you have only done two?)

But she can talk: her list of hobbies and chores is pretty much the same as mine.  But no: this is her project apparently…

So I did what penguins do best…I looked at her in a super extra cute and cuddly way…

It worked a charm! She promised I could help, but maybe not with the cutting as she knows that I struggle to hold the scissors properly with my wings/flippers.

If you want to keep track of her progress and see what the scrapbook ends up looking like I said I’d make a blog for her: so you can find that here.


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