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Perky Penguin’s Bucket List

on August 29, 2012

I’ve always wanted to share my bucket list and today is a good day to do it cos we were talking about it on Twitter.  I know there’s usually more, but I am on a diet so there’s only five.

Perky’s Bucket List

In no particular order:

1) Visit penguins in their natural habitiat

2) Meet Linkin Park

3) Become the official Linkin Park Penguin (and celebrate this with my lovely pals ) [as suggested by Diane]

4) Officially achieve my PhD (in penguin talk this refers to a ‘Penguin Happines Device’ and I am doing it in Human(itie)s for those of you who didn’t know already)

And, last but not least;

5) Meet Reddy [as suggested by Reddy] and organise a ‘real’ group photo of pals invovled in #caykclub and/or the #bedbus, #bedplane, #internationalbedstation etc.

And as you know I do like my cakes so if you want to fatten me up (so to speak), feel free to suggest other things for my Bucket List.


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