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A Penguin Anniversary Party: An Invite for Pals and Friends of Perky:

on August 24, 2012

It’s the two month anniversary for this blog so I thought we could have a penguin party with lots of cakes to celebrate.  As I know that most of you reading this like having fun I’m sure I’ll get lots of RSVPs saying that you’ll come.  There is no specific time or place because plans are overrated, so party when and wherever you like BUT the only thing I must insist on is some Linkin Park as part of the playlist.

I thought about giving a speech at said party, but speeches are usually boring and I don’t want to spoil the fun, so I will refrain.  However, if I were to give a speech this is what I would say:

I started this blog up two months ago and I am amazed and truly grateful for the attention it has so far received.  From comments sent to me I know that it has indeed made a few of you smile, and that is all that I ever wanted it to do.

Recently I have also come to realise something else about this blog that has made me smile even more than I usually do.

When I started this blog I had no idea what I would actually end up writing about.  I titled it Perky and Friends thinking that in addition to my penguin ponderings I would introduce you to my penguin pals from ‘the Zoo’ that I live with.  I have obviously done that, but not to the extent that I originally thought.  And what is most remarkable about this blog is that it is actually about a different group of ‘friends’ that I interact with.

I interact with some of you on a regular basis; whether it’s talking about cakes or Linkin Park, and on occasions these conversations have become the inspiration/content of some of my posts.  I know that there are others who regularly read my posts and you often let me know what you think (but not often enough in my opinion!).  And then there are others who I know frequent this blog, but whom I have never interacted with – but that doesn’t mean that you’re not as wonderful as everyone else!

So I don’t want to forget my Zoo pals as they are equally amazing, but I did want to say that it is all of ‘you’ who are the ‘friends’ behind ‘Perky and Friends’.   Thank you and have a cake on me: we’re already tucking in…


3 responses to “A Penguin Anniversary Party: An Invite for Pals and Friends of Perky:

  1. Diane Bell says:

    A party with Perky and cake? Count me in! How about a frozen icecream cake? With black and white frosting of course!

  2. Cheeks, Milo and Farrell Koosa says:

    Its an honor to party with the one and only Linkin Park Penguin! Congrats, buddy!

  3. @IcyPinkLemonade says:

    Mmmmm! I love cayk!

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