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Perky Penguin’s Belated BBQ

on August 14, 2012

My 1st BBQ

As the title suggests, this is a little bit late.  But humans often say better late than never, so I’m sure this stands for penguins too.

Last weekend was mega for me as I attended my first BBQ.  The humans have had one or two before, but I have always watched from a distance (usually from indoors with my fish).  I didn’t have any fish on Sunday so the humans took pity and said I could join in with them.  That doesn’t happen very often so I waddled at the chance.



First the BBQ needed to be built…so I stayed out of the way and just inspected the man human’s work when it was done. Don’t worry it wasn’t on fire at the time.

But then it did obviously need to be started. So we needed to put the charcoals in and light it…so I did a spot of sunbathing.

Once that got underway, the lady human went indoors to start the salad stuff.  Apparently this is a common division of labour at a BBQ…As there isn’t a dedicated role for a penguin I stuck to what I am good at and practiced some stunt penguin moves.

Not long after that man human started cooking the good stuff. I was a bit scared to get too close because it was rather hot, but I did keep an eye on him.

Then one of the most important aspects of the BBQ happened:

As you know I do like my cakes, but I will admit I like a tipple or too, and apparently it is mandatory at a human BBQ.  Sounds good to me – and the cider was toffee apple flavoured so it was as near to cake as I was going to get.

Not that I should be complaining about the lack of cake…

This was my portion…I don’t know where the humans’ food went…

Even though I haven’t been to one before, I think it was a succesful BBQ and I certainly enjoyed mine…The only way I think it could be improved is with fish!

om nom nom


2 responses to “Perky Penguin’s Belated BBQ

  1. The ribs and sausages (hot dogs?) look delicious.

    • Perky says:

      Thanks for the comment and yes it was all rather tasty. The human cooked the ribs to perfection I must say! However, I had to be very careful cos the sauce was a bit messy and I’m not really washable!

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