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Linkin Park Penguin Products #1

on August 4, 2012

It’s not long now until one of the first ever Linkin Park Penguin Pals (it figures that would be a good name for the Linkin Park Penguin’s Pals doesn’t it?) gets to see the band themselves.  A little bit jealous I have to admit, but she has promised me she will have a good time for me too until they get to the UK!

And as brilliant as a Linkin Park shirt is by itself, she asked me for some ideas to jazz one up a bit for the show.  To me there is only one way to jazz anything up, and that is with penguins (obviously).  And luckily I am the Linkin Park Penguin so I was the perfect candidate for the job – both as a producer and as an inspiration.

So here you go – if anyone wants to help further my Linkin Park Penguin quest then wear these with perky penguin pride…please 😀


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