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Perky’s Rap: A Present from a Penguin

on July 28, 2012

I have been a bit absorbed in the lovely weather we’ve had recently and the humans were getting a little bit suspicious because their sun cream was going down.  As I mentioned in a previous post some humans don’t think that we’re real, but these ones unfortunately do so they knew exactly who to blame for this missing cream! (Not to mention the fact that my white bits have stayed white despite the endless hours in the sun).

So I felt that I needed to redeem myself to ensure that they continue to leave their cakes lying around for me.  Before they went out today the perfect opportunity arose to give them a surprise present:  They needed some  rapping  doing.

Now if you haven’t read this blog before what you also need to know is that I am currently on a quest to become the Official Linkin Park Penguin.  On hearing about this potential rapping experience I thought it would be a brilliant chance to prove to Linkin Park (and everyone else) that I really am the penguin for the job.

The results: well I am still hoping that my general cuteness and cuddliness will keep me in line for the job, but rapping is not as easy as Mike Shinoda makes it sound.

rapping really isn’t that easy

And maybe this is why Chester Bennington sings and doesn’t rap – clearly being left-handed/left-winged makes it difficult to rap.  See it all makes sense doesn’t it?


2 responses to “Perky’s Rap: A Present from a Penguin

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