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A Penguin Day Procrastinating – Pancake Update!

on July 22, 2012

A few days ago I wrote about my penguin procrastinating day, and today is going to be very similar.  For example it started of with a lazy Sunday lie in and a bit of relaxing in the garden…but to the point of the post.

The other day I learned some biscuit wisdom from my twitter pal Reddy.  To remind you it was as follows:

[Redinal is] a biscuit tester as part of his job and it’s okay to put half eaten biscuits back in the tin once they’ve been tested.  I thought this might confuse people: they might think the biscuit had been put back because it wasn’t very nice.  However, those biscuits that aren’t very nice go into the boss’s tin and therefore all half eaten biscuits in the main tin are okay to eat.  This is very useful information to know as both an eater and potential biscuit tester.


Blueberry Goo Pancake Cooking Reddy Style


Now today I have just learned from Reddy that pancake testing is different from biscuit testing:


you can eat ALL of the pancake and don’t have to put any back.


I am not quite sure how others will know that the pancake is ok to eat (because there’ll be none left), but I assume the pancake maker will just make more.  And as the pancake maker is Reddy I’m sure the pancakes don’t really need testing anyway.  I mean he suggested fish pancakes so the bear is a genius!


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