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‘To Infinity and Beyond’: An Authentic Account of Animation

on July 20, 2012

So this week the long awaited 3rd film in the Batman trilogy came out so guess what I went to see?

That’s right: Ice Age 4.  And it was brilliant.  Yes I like movies like Happy Feet, Mr Popper’s Penguins and March of the Penguins, but I also like general cartoons.  If they have penguins even better (e.g. the Madagascar films), but I’m not too fussy.  The Ice Age franchise and all of the Pixar movies are just as good as Madagsacar despite the lack of penguins.   It’s very difficult to choose a favourite, but at a push, and despite the love for my fellow species, it would probably have to be Toy Story.

Now any humans reading this might just see the film as a simple animation.  I can imagine that to most humans the fact that the toys come to life when their owner Andy leaves is all but a childhood fantasy.  But let this little cuddly penguin let you into a secret – this is not a fantasy people: this is what happens.

All around the world cuddly toys are alive and as real as the humans you see walking in the street.  In their own universe toys observe the human species.  They become annoyed at the cakes that get stolen and are even more confused about the thing that humans call ‘work’.  I mean I work: my main job is to be cute and cuddly, and I have branched out and have become a stunt penguin and offered my services as the Linkin Park Penguin.  Yet despite my heavy workload I love my jobs – I never moan about them as humans appear to.

Now if you’ve been reading this and thinking that what I have been saying is all nonsense – i.e. ‘toys are not real’ – then you just remember whose blog you are reading…

And just to let you know if I had to choose between the different Toy Story movies it would probably be the second one.

With these wings I bet you didn’t think I could produce a drawing like this did you? 😀


4 responses to “‘To Infinity and Beyond’: An Authentic Account of Animation

  1. Diane Bell says:

    Great post Perky but I thought the fact that toys are really alive was supposed to be a secret. My first Teddy made me promise not to tell. Are toys coming out now? Can I admit that I know? That would be the coolest!

    • Perky says:

      Well it’s not that secret cos we have our own blogs and twitter feeds etc. They say the internet breaks down barriers so maybe that’s it now – toys finally have an outlet to just be themselves.

      So it’s obvious that we’re real – it’s just that some humans choose to believe it’s not. They think it’s some sort of conspiracy. Obviously that’s not the same of all humans – I know for one you’re a human that understands and are happy to live alongside us as equal.

      But yes you’re right I suppose – the fact that not all humans believe means that it’s a pretty cool and exclusive club 😀

  2. […] were getting a little bit suspicious because their sun cream was going down.  As I mentioned in a previous post some humans don’t think that we’re real, but these ones unfortunately do so they knew […]

  3. […] seen Madagascar 2 several times and it is one of my all time favourites.  It’s not quite Toy Story, but it’s close.  And I especially love it because basically it has flying penguins.  […]

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