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A Productive Penguin Day Procrastinating

on July 17, 2012

By nature a (perky) penguin naturally does what a human refers to as ‘procrastination’.  And because of that I have had a very productive penguin day.

1.  I drunk lots of tea and ate copious amounts of cake.

2.  I made myself a Linkin Park Penguin badge because I thought I needed something a bit more official (I am willing to take this slight cruelty to animals cos it’s for a good cause).

3.  I practiced a little trick to be shared with you all very soon (I promised this to my twitter followers because I reached 200 followers).

4.  I learned the art of biscuit maintenance from Redinal – he’s continuing to prove himself as a great source of wisdom (thanks Redinal ;D).

Apparently he’s a biscuit tester as part of his job and it’s okay to put half eaten biscuits back in the tin once they’ve been tested.  I thought this might confuse people: they might think the biscuit had been put back because it wasn’t very nice.  However, those biscuits that aren’t very nice go into the boss’s tin and therefore all half eaten biscuits in the main tin are okay to eat.  This is very useful information to know as both an eater and potential biscuit tester.

5.  And last but not least I succeeded once more in looking as cute and cuddly as ever.

So you see, all in all it was a very productive penguin day.


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