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Perky’s Pals: ‘The Zoo’

on July 15, 2012

Unlike human zoos, this one doesn’t have cages (although they would help to keep some of my pals out of trouble – Mory and Rory I am talking to you).  Most of my pals actually live on top of a bookshelf.  They used to live on a wardrobe, but they moved here and shortly after that I moved in with them.  I am a bit too short to capture them on said bookshelf so they kindly agreed to climb down for the day and pose for this photo.

Back Row from L-R: Oxy, Pea, Handsy, No Idea and Stumpy
Front Row from L-R: Dave, Stripey, Mory, Rory, Flappy, Chalky and Sock Puppet,
Front Right from L-R: Tatty Bear, Cookie and Efelant

There are of course some exceptions to this living arrangement.  Obviously I have free run of the whole human house, and Tootsie can often be found wandering about the place as well. Minty is big boned so he has his own ‘Penguins of Madagascar’ bag that he lives in.

Minty (with Mini Minty)

And Maurice & Samsung live on the fridge – they have a unique feature called magnetism that is common to some animals and allows them to keep guard on the all important cake territory.

Maurice (L) and Samsung (R)

Bouncer is also separated from the others because Mory and Rory (so called because there is ‘more’ of Mory than Rory) used to use him to play squash – I have no idea why??  He cracked up a bit because of this and so he now resides in an egg cup on the window sill.  Woody keeps him company – he has his own rock collection, which keeps in a little jar.

Bouncer (L) and Woody (R) with his rocks

That’s about it really I think…oh there is Pete, but he’s a bit of an acquired taste…although I have to admit he’s very good at spooking us all.  Naughty little critter.



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