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The Gherkin Penguin: Preserved for Posterity

on July 12, 2012

So today came the news that a Gherkin was going to be turned into a penguin.  Well I suppose it beats turning a penguin into a gherkin or literally pickling a penguin.

I initially met the news with enthusiasm – I mean it’s a penguin .  But as the day has progressed I’m not so sure I like the growing popularity of this penguin as I decided to share with my twitter followers.  Thanks again to Redinal (@reddy1408) for his contribution to this post 😀


I fear the gherkin penguin is now more famous than me. Not sure how I feel about that


a bit pickled off I imagine


I see what you did there: that’s very clever 😀 but as a matter a fact I am!


you could try to be as cool as a cucumber about it

perky_penguin :

you’re on fire today!…To be honest I would relish the opportunity to meet this penguin imposter


very good: We should preserve this for posterity

So hence this blog.  Redinal readily agreed to it of course (‘go on it could be good‘), but what Redinal obviously meant to say is that it could be tasty and that it would make a nice treat for (another) rainy afternoon.  (And I’m sure on reading this he and others will probably be able to do even better than that!)


2 responses to “The Gherkin Penguin: Preserved for Posterity

  1. Perky says:

    And as expected after reading this he said: “Excellent. I doubt you could beet it!”

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