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The Linkin Park Penguin Project Particulars

on July 10, 2012


Aim: To become the official Linkin Park Penguin


Project Motto: WISDOM, JUSTICE and LOVE

Information about candidate:

Name: Perky Penguin


Favourite Colour: IRIDESCENT

Favourite Linkin Park Song: Unicorns and Lollipops (oh yeah oh yeah)

What one word would you use to describe yourself that is relevant to the role:


Specific Skills/Qualifications relevant to the post:

1.  I like Linkin Park

2.  I am a Penguin

The things I’ll do for my quest?!


I’d be LYING FROM YOU if I didn’t share this so HANDS HELD HIGH and FROM THE INSIDE of my penguin cushioned little heart: I wish I didn’t feel so VICTIMIZED by leopard seals.  Those WRETCHES AND KINGS cause me to WAKE up in the night feeling NUMB.  If I ever meet one in real life I’LL BE GONE*.

In the following sections please provide (1) some information about previous activities that you think may be relevant to the role and (2) what you hope to eventually achieve.

 (1) WHAT I’VE DONE so far?:

I began the quest to become the Linkin Park Penguin BY MYSELF on the 3/7/2012.  Despite locating some information fairly early on that may have thwarted a less dedicated penguin I haven’t GIVEN UP.  Even though it may have been EASIER TO RUN, the momentary setback was in fact THE CATALYST for me writing the current project particulars.  It will remain my POINT(S) OF AUTHORITY  in the coming months.

IN BETWEEN doing penguin things and tweetering about doing penguin things, I have started blogging about my quest to become the Linkin Park Penguin.  I don’t intend on BREAKING THE HABIT of doing this, so I will continue on ROADS UNTRAVELED (all be it at a CRAWLING pace) in a similar vein in the coming weeks/months until there are NO ROADS LEFT.

(2) IN THE END what do I hope to have achieved?:

Well, I hope I don’t BLACKOUT, FAINT nor get a PAPERCUT from the administrative tasks that will be required in the post.  I’ll be IN PIECES if I do.  I also hope that I’m not POWERLESS and it’s not a case of NOBODY’S LISTENING.  I hope that I’m NOT ALONE in this quest:  I think I can only achieve this WITH YOU all behind me.

I suppose what I’m trying to say is that as I am WAITING FOR THE END and as I keep getting ONE STEP CLOSER to my goal I hope to achieve NO MORE SORROW: as penguins and Linkin Park both do I just want to make people happy (hence the WISDOM, JUSTICE and LOVE motto).  I can LEAVE OUT ALL THE REST.


*I’m also a bit disappointed I didn’t manage to get more songs into the project particulars, but I think it was a good effort.  I hope you thought so too?

** I also need to give a penguin squawk to my twitter pal Redinal T Bear@reddy1408 – we had  an initial twitter-Linkin Park-lyric discussion a while ago that I suppose can be compared to this post.  Cheers Redinal 😀


4 responses to “The Linkin Park Penguin Project Particulars

  1. otakufool says:

    this is so awesome…I have no words…XD and I hope Mike saw ur comment on his blog post (I had a kick out of seeing it there)

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