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In Pieces: A Day in the Life of a Penguin Olympian

on July 7, 2012

Well I have been quite busy these last couple of days working on my special project (of which there will be more very very soon as I am writing a top secret document about becoming the Linkin Park Penguin, which I will obviously share with you…;P).  But today I want to tell you about something else I signed up for a couple of months ago…

Before I got into blogging and before I decided I was going to become the Linkin Park Penguin I used to just chill out with my pals and do a bit of tweetering.  Some of my cuddly twitter pals do this thing called the Teddy Olympics and I decided to join in this year.

It’s quite simple really – you email the organisers of the Teddy Olympic pictures of  yourself in the events they have and they are uploaded on line.  There were some really good entries in the first week and this got me a bit worried.  However, I was assured it was just for fun and that my penguin cuteness would do me well.  Also, the categories we could enter were: naps, hugs, pose, sport (‘spawt’) and treats: all things that I am quite good at anyway.  (I decided I couldn’t do woogling so didn’t enter this one).

I thought yesterday would be a good day to send my pictures in and  I began the day like all Penguin Olympians: I ate a bacon sandwich.  I then had to do some Penguin work (you know looking cute and all that), but after I had finished my lunch, I started…

I already had a picture of me cycling that I could use for the spawts category (it wasn’t my best photo, but then again my feet didn’t reach the pedals so it’s not my best entry anyway), so, because I was feeling sleepy after lunch I began with naps:


Once I had woken up I found that I was quite hungry and so I went in search for some more white chocolate fingers.  Luckily this was related to another Teddy Olympics category and as I got snapped looking for chocolate I submitted this as my treats photo:


After a hard day eating and sleeping I asked Maurice for his help with hugs, which as you can see he’s very good at:


Then I had to complete what I thought was the most  difficult category.  I had to ‘pose‘.  You’d think this would be quite simple as it involves being quite still, but the question  where/what has troubled me for a while.  The advice given is to take a photo ‘in an unusual place or just being a Diva!’  I knew I wasn’t really going anywhere that unusual and so I thought about it for a long time (about 5 whole minutes) and thought well I’m going to have to just pose as a diva.

And I though what’s more diva-ish than being a musician?  Plus it gave me an excuse to listen to Linkin Park (even though to be honest I don’t really need an excuse!):

(Today I think I look more like Brad than Chester, but I’m not saying Brad is a diva)

So this was my final entry for the Teddy Olympics.  I’m not sure if we get a medal or anything like human Olympians do, but sure there will be some cakes shared amongst us so I’ll settle for that.

It was a fun day, but a bit tired and IN PIECES today so I’m going to have a rest and go and get my little penguin blanket to have a nap day!


8 responses to “In Pieces: A Day in the Life of a Penguin Olympian

  1. otakufool says:

    the nap pic is just too cute( and nice integration of in pieces) 😛

  2. greceln says:

    I will have to look into this Teddy Olympics and see if Sock Monkey is interested.

  3. greceln says:


    Sock Monkey doesn’t know where to send his Olympic event photos. Do we just post it on Twitter with the hash tag #teddyolympics?

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