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Penguin Pastimes

on June 27, 2012

So it seems penguins remain the topic of choice at the moment for blog posts, but I will try and branch out just a little in this one.

I recently came across this wonderful blog by Daniel Ksepka (penguin specialist) telling us 5 things we never knew about penguins.  It made me think that it’s one thing to tell the world about the usual variety of penguin, but what about the cute and cuddly kind?  So here are 5 things that I think you need to know about Perky penguin and his penguins pals….

1. We like baking and eating cakes. I even have my own special plate, bowl and spoon.

Perky’s bowl and spoon

2. We like gardening, but we’re not very good at it.  This year I planted alpine strawberries,  tomatoes, onions, leeks and beans.  The alpine strawberries completely failed; I don’t think it’s sunny enough for tomatoes; the onions and leeks might be ok; and as my pal Tootsie has found out the beans must have been tasty as there are none left!  Tootsie didn’t stay too long in the garden though because it’s muddy and he thought he might get eaten by the slugs too.  I told him slugs don’t eat penguins, but he wasn’t willing to hang around to prove me right or wrong.

Tootsie in the garden

3.  We like cycling.  We don’t actually go cycling because our legs aren’t long enough (I tried it once as you can see below).  Instead we watch cycling when it’s on the TV and we’re particularly excited about the Tour de France next week.  However, courtesy of Maurice the monkey who insisted I shared this with you, if penguins could cycle then we could call the peloton the penoton (to which Samsung said it sounded like the name of a dinosaur).

Perky cycling: my feet didn’t quite reach the pedals though!

Maurice (L) and Samsung (R)

4.   In addition to our more active hobbies, we also like relaxing.  This is mainly done by watching TV and films or reading books.  If related to or featuring penguins it’s obviously better, but I’d like to think that we have rather an eclectic taste.

Perky reading a book about penguins (obviously!)

5. And finally, regardless of what some of my previous posts and pictures may have insinuated, my variety of penguin (i.e. the cute and cuddly kind) are actually very friendly.  I hope you’ve realised that already though.

I’m sure that many people who read this blog will share some of these penguin pastimes so do let me know – I’d love to hear from you.  Hopefully you can see me and my penguin pals are not so different from everyone else after all.

Perky (and pals Tootsie, Maurice and Samsung)


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