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Penguins are not only perky, they make you feel perky too

on June 24, 2012

So earlier today I put my little orange foot in the water and started up this blog.  But now it’s coming to diving in I’m a bit unsure of how to swim.  A bit strange really considering I’m a penguin – you’d think I’d be good at swimming. 

(Getting wet is actually very bad for my internal foam, which is why I much prefer living in a human’s house).

Forget (metaphorically) diving in then – it feels like I’ve been pushed and I just have to write about something.  And I cannot think of a better first topic than penguins. 

 One of my favourite quotes is that:

                 ‘it’s practically impossible to look at a penguin and feel angry’. 

Someone called Joe Moore said it.  Apparently he’s a television personality in America.  Not that who said it really matters because it just sums it up nicely.  Well I say that, but in fact it’s not quite accurate.  In my opinion it’s not ‘practically impossible…’; it is impossible to look at a penguin and feel angry.  That is to say that I have never once looked at a penguin (cuddly, real or a picture of) and not smiled.

I hope this blog will have the same result for those who visit it.  And to make sure you’re in the best possible spirits when you click away from this page I’ve included a picture of me and some penguin pals who I’m sure you’ll be introduced to in the coming months.

Perky (and penguin friends)



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